Golden Crown Literary Society Conference

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It is GCLS time of year … this time we all head off to Vegas … where (included in my activities) I’m super excited to be joining the panel NOW. NEXT. NEW.

We will be discussing what are the trends in queer literature? What is the lesfic that is breaking the mold, or changing the form? Who is writing the work that blends, bends, and rends what we thought we knew, and liked, about lesbian characters? We are looking to find and chat about the freshest and flashiest trends in lesbian/queer books-including graphic novels, zines, poetry, comics, etc.

It’s being moderated by the exceptional Dana Picolli, and I get to sit with MB Austin, Sandra deHelen, Radclyffe, and Pamela Stewart.

I would so be going to this if I wasn’t panel-ing on it! Super excited. Going to be a great con!