An August 1st Celebration

When the writing is done, the promoting begins.

No truer words were ever typed by me.  And it’s hard and it’s scary and “what if no one likes it” and forget what if no one likes it, “what if I can’t get anyone to read it so they could decide to not like it” and and and.

But slowly and steadily I have knocked on door after door after door after door and found some remarkable answer-ers… leading to reviews as diverse as the School Library Journal (slj) all the way over (and across “the pond’) to The Lesbian Reading Room.

And today, Curve Magazine said, “It’s the kind of book that makes me excited for my daughters to grow up and read so they can see a smartass gay girl being the kind of interesting genius that’s often reserved for male characters.”

Today, someone not only read my book, not only praised my book, but someone embraced my book, giving it the exact hug I so badly wanted. So thank you Tara Scott.

And now if I can only get to those hundred verified Amazon reviews 🙂

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