Happy Anniversary to The Carousel

This week is the anniversary of my debut novel, The Carousel. I still The Carousel by Stefani Deoul re-releases in 2016remember clearly the moment when A&M Books told me they wanted to publish my manuscript. And I remember all the days of editing that followed :

But what I really don’t remember is the day the book “dropped.” It’s also the day I went to camera on the television series, Haven.

What a week.

And what a wonderful shared memory for me. Two different journeys, two different creative passions, eternally intertwined.

Both journeys traveled roads which surpassed their humble roots. Haven went on to air for six years. Carousel became a little novel that could – and did – winning multiple awards.

And now, Carousel has been amazingly – wonderfully – rewarded with a new reissue from Bywater Books. So you know, maybe it’s time for a new season of Haven to go with it. After all, that would make a perfect Hollywood ending!

(The Carousel is available from Bywater Books, Amazon, B&N, and your local booksellers. Direct links can be found on my “Books” page)