Help Wanted Please

Hello My Friends,

It’s nearly time.

Yes, it is one week until ON A LARP “drops” (and hopefully climbs right to the top of the best seller’s lists!)

And so many of you have incredibly and lovingly asked me what you can do to help me on this journey….

(Thank You)

…And sometimes it’s hard to know how to answer that beyond the obvious, “um, buy the book.”

Yet as my launch date grows terrifyingly, excitingly, spine-tinglingly, nerve-rackingly close, I realize I do have a short list I would like to share. And I thank each and every friend who reads this for taking on any part they can.

So my first few asks are the quick and the practical(s):

  • As noted above, buy the book!
  • Buy your third cousins, twice-removed their own copy of the book (They will love it!)
  • Ask your local bookstore if they might stock the book. (Word is it’s amazing!)
  • Ask your local library to put the book into their circulation (Librarians are super great people.)

See, not so bad. All are fairly quick, practical and incredibly helpful for me.

But wait folks, as the infomercial promises (or threatens) that’s not all! If you find yourself falling a bit in love with “Sid” and impassioned by this exciting read, leading you with a desire to truly share this journey, I will let you in on the secret of what writers need most…


One small word; one big lifeline.

If you read ON A LARP and you have a good time, please write and post reviews anywhere and everywhere you can….Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, blogs, twitter, FB, a book club recommendation, your cousin Vinny’s niece, “the book reviewer”…even places you may know and I may not.

Quite simply, if you like my book – RATE IT. Stars matter.

Five stars REALLY matter!

Whew. Time for a deep breath. We are now down to my last section.

It’s the one I like to call, “if I don’t dream big, why should anyone else?” So,let’s just say if anyone who might be reading this, could ask JK Rowling if she’d like to read ON A LARP, well that would be kind of great. And if you don’t know JK Rowling but you do know _______________ , I’m sure I’d be more than thrilled to meet them too.

And with that wishful, put-it-out-to-the-universe thinking, I shall conclude my list. With a little help from my friends, I know all things are possible. So I thank you all and hope to see each one of you in the not too distant future.


Oh…just a quick PS:

When you finish helping me, if you know another author or you just read an amazing book, take this list and help them. It matters. Deeply.

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  1. Hey Stef,
    Can’t wait to buy it and read it. Hope the sales are through the roof! Congratulations!

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