New Book-First Review

“Sidonie Rubin returns in Stefani Deoul’s second YA novel. Readers who fell in love with Sid in her first outing (On A Larp), will cement that relationship in Zero Sum Game. Sid is back with her unique cadre of friends for yet another technological thrill ride. Deoul never talks down to her audience, especially when in the techo-realm of things – but it is the heart and soul of her characters that will truly capture readers. Populated with much diversity, this series is perfect for our newest generation of “woke” teens.” —Kristopher Zgorski, BOLO BOOKS

Writers are fear-based masochists.

To wit, being an author runs in cycles of great moments interspersed with particular spikes of fear and anxiety. There’s the day you sit down and stare at a blank piece of paper and wonder where the first word is coming from – and then the next fifty, sixty, or hundred thousand that need to follow it.

Then there’s the day you finish the draft, and realize it’s time to let another human being see it. So you gather up your courage and hand it over, and then you get to pace at home, waiting while they read it, and then, when they’re ready, you get to sit gratefully listening while they point out every flaw in your thinking, at your own request, and  because they care! 

Then you send letters with pages to strangers (better known as  agents and publishers), each one compounding your anxiety – what if it’s a no? What if it’s a yes?

And so this process goes.

Until one day, you’ve got a yes, and then another yes, and then your edits are done, and you sit back and have this honeymoon existence wherein you are officially an author, but because your publishing date is still a bit down the road, it’s all joy, all the time.

But suddenly “that day” is here. And now. And what if no one buys your book? And what if no one likes your book? And what if? And what if?

And then Mom orders a copy. So at least you know you will sell one. And then a friends pings you to tell you they ordered a copy. And then, your first review arrives.

Suddenly, the air is lighter, breathing is better.

Kristopher Zgorski thank you for pumping pure oxygen into my book launch. 

To every family member and friend, thank you for your support and for keeping the uglies at bay

And to everyone who buys my book, tells anyone they should read my book, grabs copies for the seventeen nieces, nephews, Aunts, Uncles, mail people, meter readers – a huge hug.

And by the way, could you please post a review (Amazon, Goodreads, Litsy, Barnes and Noble to name but a few), because the book’s been out for at least two days and you know, it’s all about the reviews, and of course, now I’m petrified I won’t have any – and remember – five is better than four (but four is better than three :))