ON A LARP - A Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure

on-a-larpON A LARP, Available on Amazon.

From the back cover:

Question: Do any of you know the truly scary part about being seventeen?

Answer: Your brain doesn't actually know, understand or care what it can't do; and, while this sounds great in theory, in my particular case, my under-developed brain apparently didn't know I couldn't fly.

So I jumped . . .
And I plummeted . . .

And I promise you, if I somehow manage to survive this act of immature-brain-encased-in-unbelievable-stupidity, I will gladly tell you exactly how I got here.

Which for the record, is chasing a dark-web killer through the middle of a live action role-playing game, better known as a LARP.

Join brainiac Sid Rubin and her posse, Jimmy, Imani, Vikram, and Ari as they join forces with Detective Robert "Tsarno the Barno" Tsarnowsky and his partner, Detective "Goddess" Emma Macdonald, and become embroiled in a virtual world of clues that will lead them to a very real, very deadly, very steampunk'd world of murder and mayhem.

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Reviews & Media


"...An exciting mystery adventure for reluctant readers and a great selection for teens who enjoy contemporary fiction."

–Rebecca Greer, Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative, FL (School Library Journal)

"...Sidonie Rubin—aka Sid—is the most endearing, wildly amusing cerebral female character I have read in a long, long while....One part socially awkward, two parts genius brain, and a billion fractured parts rambling pop-culture reference queen. The result? Brilliant!"

Jesikah Sundin, Author of the Biodome Chronicles

Jesikah-Sundin-Author-2-square-e1436908785364 (1)

"Writer Stefani Deoul gives us a novel filled with adventure, passion, self-doubt and young love and it is a terrific read. Now excuse me while I go and read On a LARP once again."

Amos Lassen Reviews

"I love NYC, mysteries, old books and new technology, but most of all these characters. A group of delightfully drawn teenaged misfits led by an angst ridden geek who is deeply self aware and darkly funny...."

David Ray, Amazon Review

Listed as one of the 100 best Lesbian Books to Start With by The Lesbian Review