The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Mom…

or … a not-so-funny-thing happened on the way to my book launch.

Thanksgiving was going to be amazing. The author copies of my newest Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure, SAY HER NAME, arrived two weeks before my partner and I were heading to Jersey for what promised to be a raucous, fully-attended, family festivity. Pretty darn perfect!

I joyfully posted appropriate photos of my new book unboxing all over social media. And as trite as it sounds, but as every author will confirm, the arrival of a new book really doesn’t get old. Nope. Not at all

It’s simply delicious.

It made me pause, grin at the sealed box, take a deep breath, grin again, and then, x-acto knife it open. And when it’s open, gently take out the paper packing, sit in a chair and play “pet the book” for maybe a good thirty minutes. 

After which, I spend another thirty milling about, moving here and there, high and low, deciding where this one new copy should be placed so I can see it reflecting its best light from a maximum number of angles.

And that’s when it hits. A burst of energy so huge I am propelled into strategizing a marketing blitz to bring baby to the world.

To quote my great pal, Shawn Piller, “It’s gonna be great!”

And it was.

Right up until the moment Mom fell. 

Right before Thanksgiving, turning my two-day trip home into more than two weeks. And my best laid marketing plans became one post here, and another post there.

And you know something? It’s okay. Because sometimes when we let go, we remember what it really is we need to hang onto. Ourselves. And our loved ones. And Mom, and I, and my siblings, and my partner, and really, my whole dang family have spent this holiday living that truth.

And today, as much as I think I kind of blew my release day marketing strategy – and keep telling my Mom I blame her totally (yes we’re joking here) – I woke up to find out ZERO SUM GAME aka Book 2 of the Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventures was honored with a Rainbow Award. Right before tomorrow, when Book 3 will “hit bookstores everywhere.”

I hope it will be huge. That would be awesome. And honestly, I happen to think it’s pretty terrific and has a lot to say. But however it unfolds, I will wake up and know I have a glorious family and fabulous friends. Life is good.

PS. And it comes with a High Five from The Nicely Recovering Mom 🙂