Wordier than Though Presents: THE L WORD: FICTION EDITION

 Rachel Spangler . Cheryl Head . Elizabeth Sims . Alison Solomon . Gale Massey . Stefani Deoul

Join us SUNDAY, 11 March, at The Queen’s Head (where else?!) in St. Pete where, from 1;00P – 3:00P we will read, chat, razzle and dazzle, take questions, make up answers, and REVEL IN lots of laughs.

And … for some of you gadabouts — (def: habitual pleasure seekers) — you can up your sensory pleasure ante by starting your Suede party EARLY. (Why heck, if she’s just hanging out, waiting for showtime, she’s invited too!)

Just think of us as a Perfect, Pre-Buzz, Practicum of Pleasure! ? 

join us:


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